Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Court: Devlin Reveals Details about Abducting Shawn Hornbeck

Washington County, MO: Michael J. Devlin pled guilty this morning for the second time for the kidnapping and sexual torture of Shawn Hornbeck. Devlin was sentenced to three life terms plus a total of 60 years in prison.

During the plea hearing, more details of Shawn's abduction emerged, including a month-long period in which Shawn was bound and gagged on a futon in Devlin's apartment. Devlin, 41, admitted to trying to kill Shawn, but the child talked him out of it.

In court, D.A. Rupp said, "He brought Shawn back to Washington County, took him to a remote logging road and tried to strangle him. Shawn then pleaded for his life, and Devlin told him he wouldn't kill him but Shawn would just have to be happy being alive and living with Devlin."

Devlin said: “I took him from my apartment and drove to a gravel road to Washington County and took him out of the truck. I put my hands on his throat and attempted... he stopped me and talked me out of it.”

Michael Devlin admitted in court that he kidnapped Shawn on Oct. 6, 2002 and used a pistol in that crime. He also admitted he sodomized Shawn & Ben. Asked about the kidnapping charges, Devlin said, “I followed him to a gravel road and forced him into my truck and drove him back to my apartment in St. Louis.” Devlin also gave brief recitations of the sexual offenses.

Washington County prosecutor John Rupp says Shawn Hornbeck was forced to make a “deal with the devil” to save his life. After his abduction, Hornbeck begged for his life and eventually made a contract with Devlin to live. But... part of the deal was that Hornbeck could never run away and he would have to live as 'Shawn Devlin" for the rest of his life.

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